Bay Area Nanao Topの中のPrivacy Policy


We recognize the importance of the protection of personal information and its appropriate use. We further promise to make every effort to fulfill what we consider to be our social responsibility to ensure this protection at all times.
(Definition of Personal Information)
The term, personal information refers to any record that identifies an individual by such data as name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation or place of work etc.
(Collection and Use of Personal Information)
We collect and use personal information for the purposes outlined below. When you provide us with such data this company assumes that we have your permission to use this information to fulfill these objectives.
  • To ensure the fulfillment of an order made with this company.
  • To provide news about new products or information we consider the customer might find beneficial or necessary.
  • In order to make enquires, confirmations or service improvements that are necessary to attain our business objectives.
  • In order to meet with enquiries made to us.
(Personal Information and Third Parties)
Unless required by applicable laws to do so for justifiable reasons we will not provide third parties with your personal information unless you give us your prior consent.
(Supervision of Personal Information)
In some circumstances it might be necessary for us to share some part of your personal information to a third party in order for us to fulfill our business obligations in providing you with a product or service that you have requested. In such circumstances we will always act in a responsible and appropriate manner.
(Administration of Personal Information)
We have appointed an administrator to prevent unauthorized disclosure, loss or destruction of the personal information you provide on this website and to strive to ensure that the data remains safe, accurate and up-to-date.
(Enquiries, Revision and Deletion of Personal Information)
With regard to requests for enquiries, revisions or deletions of personal information we will respond to such requests to the best of our ability on confirmation of your identity.