Bay Area Nanao Topの中のEvent Information (upcoming events)


October and November Events



Noto Toll Road – one-way free campaign


By staying one night in any of the participating establishments in Hakui City, Nanao City, Anamizu Town, Shika Town or Suzu City you will receive a card worth 1180 yen that allows you to use the Noto Toll Road one way from Tatsurahama Town.

Mibiki Shishimai Lion Dance


In a festival is held at the Akakura shrine in Mibiki Town an unusual Shishimai Lion Dance is performed every year to pray for a bumper harvest of staple grains. The ancient dance has a long tradition with an old man, an old woman and a monkey character also taking part in the performance.

Creator’s Market 2009 Notojima Handcraft Festival

  • Date: 7th July 2009 – 31st October 2009
  • Place: Notojima Family Sightseeing Village “We Land”
  • Fee: Free

A craft market held in a superb location blessed with natural beauty and overlooking Notojima and the calm waters of the North Bay of Nanao. Many artists in a variety of genres from both within the prefecture and outside it gather at the market and sell their work. Also there are stalls selling delicious food, music events and events to participate in including the burning off of dead grass in fields, sea kayaking and olden-style games.


Nanao Meiji Commemorative Sumo Tournament


A grand scale annual sumo tournament with events for children and adults as well as special Shinto events.

Nanao Autumn Grand Market


The other name for this event is Otoki market. It originated from the memorial services of Kotoku Temple when a garden market and outdoor stalls were set up in the city center. Nanao enjoys friendly relations with Marugame City and each year they send a group to make and sell hand-made Sanuki Udon. Every year more than 30,000 visitors enjoy the event every year.